23 fev

Ex-Googles criam aplicativo revolucionário para andar em uma cidade

Via Urbanful (http://urbanful.org)

“Though they can pack a variety of transportation and location apps, smart phones can be hopeless – and stubbornly so – when it comes to actually getting around cities. We’ve all had the experience. You walk two blocks down the wrong street before your phone syncs; you wander into the subway system and lose navigation because you’ve lost service. You’re suddenly a map-less Magellan trying to navigate the harsh waters of a new city.

But a team of former Google employees has taken on these myriad problems, creating an app called Urban Engines that shows early signs of promise for revolutionizing intra-city movement.”

O resto do artigo pode ser encontrado no seguinte endereço: http://urbanful.org/2015/02/13/urban-engines-google-maps-future/


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